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Protecting your ductwork from California wildfires.

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Unfortunately, California has become one of the top wildfires happening each summer, and we can't stop them If you have looked outside in the past few weeks in California, you’ve noticed the air is filled with smoke from wildfires. This fire season is terrible, as it is affecting Californians.

It’s been heartbreaking to watch the news lately with entire portions of the state on fire. New fires are popping up every day, and there’s no rain in sight. We got some calls from our customers who are worried about their homes and the smoke and ash from the fires. I wanted to share the answers here, as well..

The smoke from these fires can be terrible, as they contain toxins that can affect your respiratory health. Does HVAC filter keep all the smoke hazards outside your home and protect you?

Here we go: How to ensure we breathe quality air in our house?

#cleanairvents keep your family healthier.

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Tip #1 - Helpful tips to protect your home air quality from wildfire smoke.

  • Keep windows and doors closed tightly to help prevent smoke and ash from entering your home.

  • Do not run your home ventilation (bath vents, kitchen vents, etc.) because it brings the outdoor air into your home.

  • Run your air conditioner/heat pump if you have one. It’s safe to use during wildfires and can help improve your home’s indoor air quality.

  • Make sure your air conditioner is appropriately cleaned and maintained by a professional HVAC Service Technician to ensure it’s operating safely to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Tip #2 - What Health Risks Does Breathing Smoky Air Pose?

According to the CDC, breathing wildfire smoke can worsen chronic heart and lung diseases. Because the smoke contains tiny particles from burning vegetation and toxins from burned houses, inhaling this smoke can exacerbate cardiovascular and respiratory conditions.

The groups that should be particularly careful about breathing smoky air are:

  • Young children, as their lungs and cardiovascular system are still developing. Children usually spend more time outdoors and proportionately breathe more air than adults.

  • Older people because they are more susceptible to respiratory, cardiac, and cardiovascular issues.

  • – People who already have heart and lung diseases, such as asthma, coronary artery disease, or pulmonary heart disease.

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